The Short Circuit came to fruition when I was riding a lot of wide tail, classic twin fins. I always loved the drive and speed of a classic twin, however, they aren't the best option, in my opinion, for East Coast USA beachbreaks. Therefore, I took a classic fish outline and kept the front half relatively the same but pulled in the back half and put a double bump behind the fins to give the twin more hold in steeper surf. The bottom contours and rocker are also modified to create a mix between a classic fish and thruster. I recommend this board to anyone looking to feel something new between a fish and shortboard. Ride it anywhere between 5-7" shorter than you are tall depending on how comfortable you get with shorter than normal boards.

Short Circuit


5'5" x 20" x 2.4"   

My Height : 5'11"

My Weight : 165 lbs.