To keep it simple, the Dirty Wook is a straighter outline tube board featuring channels ahead of the fins exiting the tail. Channels do exactly what the word says...they channel water. With channels positioned over the cluster of fins, your back foot is more or less a gas pedal, exactly what you need when looking for the exit of a barrel. In hollow, glassy waves, the effect is heightened and the clean, smooth water is sucked up into the channeled geometry and exits out the tail (some hydrodynamics for ya.) These channels cause the tail to be thinned and the tail-rocker to be accelerated so it's best surfed in chest + conditions. You'll also notice the rails on this design are more forgiving which will allow for grab and hold in steeper waves. Ride this board 1-2 inches taller than your standard shortboard. Option to ride it as a twin or thruster. 

Dirty Wook