The Miracle Whip is exactly what it sounds like. Inspired by Dennis Jarvis' "Slingshot", the Miracle Whip  is a hybrid between a twin-fin fish and a high performance thruster.  It features a bumped swallow tail and a deep single concave under the front foot which extends through the front fins. The rail tuck on this board is unique as it is slightly more agressive keeping the board skating on top of the water for speed. The single concave is then met with a spiral Vee through the tail which allows you to throw this board around. Ride it as a twin in smaller surf, throw a 2+1 center fin in for medium surf, or ride it as a traditional thruster for hold in larger surf. The Miracle Whip is 3 boards in one.

Miracle Whip


5'10" x 19.5" x 2.38"   

My Height : 5'11"

My Weight : 165 lbs.